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Dust filter cartridge common installation form introduced
Sep 14, 2017

Dust filter cartridge common installation form introduced

Dust filter cartridge is the core product of dust, dust filter filter directly determine the use of dust collector, then, how these filters are installed in the dust inside? The following is a brief introduction to several of the most common forms of dust collector cartridges on the market.

1: screw installation: the installation, the filter cartridge through the inside of the threaded stick and tripod, the top seal contact with the dust collector installation plate, then the bottom of the filter cartridge hole out of the thread stick, and then by the nut rotation tightening thread, the filter Tube fixed completely, the ring full access to the installation of a plate installation, advantages: good sealing effect, the use of a wide range.

2: Flange type installation: different from the screw-type installation, flange-type filter cartridge to open the top cover of the dust collector, the cartridge from the top down to install a form of installation, this way the dust collector installation plate only Make a little change.

3: quick release installation: the market recently more common one of the installation form,The upper end of the filter cartridge adopts the six claw type plastic end cap, and the mounting cap contains the card slot which is inserted into the six claws. The upper end of the filter cartridge is sealed with the seal, and the dust filter cartridge mounting cap is fixed on the mounting plate, Six jaws into the installation of six slots within the slot to rotate, so that the seal and the top of the installation of full contact with the cap, this installation is simple and convenient.