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Dust filter cartridge selection should pay attention to some common problems
Sep 14, 2017

1.Consider whether the dust is flammable or flammable. If it is flammable dust, combustible dust, to consider the use of CWSY flame retardant material dust filter cartridge, or with anti-static filter dust filter cartridge to prevent electrostatic flashing and explosion.

2. Dust filter cartridge working environment humidity considerations. If the ambient humidity is large, easily lead to dust moisture absorption, then you can consider the choice of waterproof function of the filter.

3. Consideration of dust properties

4. If the system into the spark, should be selected with a flame retardant filter material, the production of such dust filter with a fire function, to avoid dust when the filter cartridge to produce combustion.

5. Dust concentration and dust filter filter to consider the wind speed.

6. Dust filter cartridge ambient temperature considerations. The temperature of the filter material based on the polyester fiber material should be ≤135 ℃, but the polyester non-woven fabric works at the temperature of 80 ℃ ~ 135 ℃, the dust filter will be greatly reduced, so that the folding filter easy to paste , Thus greatly reducing the performance of dust filter cartridge.