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Filter equipment and more maintenance to better use
Aug 25, 2017

(1) filter equipment bolt off the clever treatment

An air compressor in the replacement of new oil and gas filter when the bolt out. In order to save trouble, the decision to simply bolt the welding, the specific welding method is: first covered with wet cotton yarn at the bottom of the oil and gas filter to be welded around the location of the bolt, and then 2.5mm diameter of the electrode for small spot welding.

(2) cleansing of the old gasket of the filter device

When removing the old oil and gas filter, it was found that the gasket was firmly adhered to the oil and gas filter cartridge. Clear the gasket The original practice is: release the oil, remove the gasket, then the oil will seal the debris rinse clean. This is not only time-consuming, but also a waste of oil, can not guarantee the complete removal of gasket debris. We have come up with a new method, as follows: with wire (diameter of about 3mm) produced a simple cross-shaped stent, the garbage bag is set, and then into the oil and gas cylinders, to determine the seal after a solid Clear the gasket.