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How often does the filter device be replaced?
Aug 25, 2017

Filter equipment is widely used in the internal combustion engine equipment, such as ships, generators, automobiles and construction machinery and air quality has a high demand for medicine, food, electronics, chemical industry, of course, home air purifier and air conditioning Also equipped with a filter. Car in a 3.5 displacement models, driving to 180,000 km when the acceleration is not up, find the reasons to remove the gasoline pump check the steam filter situation is completely no problem, still very good, all the way to the final search to the air flow meter Of the sensing area stained with dirty things, thoroughly cleaned the filter device after the failure to solve. The same 3.5-displacement models of the car, driving to 60,000 km or less, suddenly the petrol pump was burned, fuel nozzle blockage, check the tank was found inside the covered with a layer of powder, then thoroughly clean the fuel tank, replace the petrol pump, Gasoline filter, filter equipment, fuel injectors, the failure to solve. The above surface can be seen in the automotive industry to replace the filter device cycle is at least better than the life of the oil is kilometers and time to long.