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Non-standard filter device operation
Aug 25, 2017

The first non-standard operation is to buy a little filter device. In fact, the quality of filter equipment is not only the quality of its life expectancy, more importantly, the filter device its filtration efficiency. High quality filters should be high for filtration efficiency and longer service life. Genuine filter manufacturers in the design of filters to take full account of the filter performance indicators. The second non-standard operation does not take into account the quality of the filter equipment is not good to feel no need to choose the poor quality of the equipment. In fact, inefficient low-quality filter on the impact of the engine, is not immediately seen. Do not look at the engine seems to run very normal, in fact, harmful impurities have entered the engine system inside, these damage is hidden, subtle, in the damage accumulated to a certain extent will burst out. Although it is not seen any signs, but does not mean that the problem does not exist. This is a hidden time bomb, once found a problem, the machine may immediately scrapped. So insist on using high-quality guaranteed filter equipment to maximize the protection of the engine. The third non-standard operation is the old engine is not replaced in time. The old engine is more likely to wear and cause the cylinder. So the more the old engine needs the filter equipment to be more quality, in order to stabilize the gradual escalation of wear and tear, to maintain the performance of the engine. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair the engine, or have to throw away the old engine in advance to buy a new one.