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The maintenance of the filter equipment
Aug 25, 2017

1, often check and clean the centrifugal dust cover on the dust holes, remove the adobe adhering to the dust, pour the dust inside the dust cup (container dust collection capacity should not exceed its volume of 1/3). Installation should ensure that the connection of the rubber gasket sealing, no leakage phenomenon, or air short circuit, reduce the air rotation speed, so that greatly reduced dust removal effect.

2, dust cover, diversion should be maintained from the correct shape, if the impact of timely plastic surgery, so as not to change the flow of the original design flow to reduce the filter effect.

3, some drivers to the dust cup (or dust collector plate) in the refueling, which is not allowed. Because the oil is easy to splash to the dust, diversion and other parts, so that this part of the adsorption of dust, and ultimately reduce the separation capacity of filtration.