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The working principle of industrial dust equipment
Sep 23, 2017

Dust filter bag

The dust collector mainly consists of ash bucket, filter room, net space room, bracket, poppet valve, jet cleaning device and other parts of the work, dust, dust from the duct into the hopper. Large particles of dust due to gravity, Directly into the bottom of the hopper, the smaller dust turns up into the filter room with the air flow, and was blocked in the bag outside the surface, the purified flue gas into the bag, and filter bag and clean room into the room, and finally Through the role of the fan to clean the air out.

With the equipment working hours continue to increase, through the filter bag dust more and more, so the filter bag suffered resistance load also increased, this time, the use of pulse back out attached to the filter bag dust.

Filter cartridge

In some way, the filter dust collector and the bag filter works the same way. The only difference is 2 points. (1) filter accuracy is not the same, the bag filter accuracy is generally 0.5 ~ 1um or less. Filter filter accuracy of at least 0.2um. (2) equipment maintenance is not the same, the filter cartridge maintenance than the bag to maintain a lot of convenience, generally the same amount of air dust removal equipment, cartridge maintenance needs 1 day, that bag at least 3 days.

Electrostatic dust removal

Electrostatic precipitator works: dust-laden gas through the high-voltage electrostatic field is electric separation, dust and negative ions combined with negative power, the anode surface discharge and deposition. In the metallurgy, chemical and other industries used to purify the gas or the recovery of useful dust particles.Using the electrostatic field to make the gas ionization so that the dust particles charged to the electrode on the dust collection method in the strong electric field in the air molecules are ionized as positive ions and electrons , The electrons toward the positive process encountered dust particles, so that dust particles are negatively charged to the cathode was collected.It is commonly used in coal-fueled factories, power stations, collecting coal ash and dust in flue gas. , Zinc, lead, aluminum and other oxides. And the maximum electrostatic precipitator electrostatic filter can reach 0.02um, by the temperature of 400 to 500 degrees Celsius. This 2 point has been a bag and filter can not place.