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A Brief Introduction To The Dust Filter Cartridge
Aug 25, 2017

Dust filter cartridge usually meet the following requirements: 1. The volume should be large enough to require the ash bucket to store 8 to 16 sheets of ash in volume. When unloading ash system failure need to repair, use it temporary ash storage. 2. To ensure that the ash bucket unloading smooth, ash bucket angle is greater than 60 degrees, the angle is the angle between the gray bucket and the horizontal plane angle. 3. In the hopper inside, two fence between the walls of the intersection should be equipped with arc plate, dust filter to avoid fouling here. 4. To avoid fouling due to temperature drop in the ash bucket, the outer wall of the hopper should be equipped with a heating device. General hopper heating device there are two, one is the steam heating method; the other is the electric heating method.

In the use of dust filter, you should use a regular manufacturer to buy filter device in order to ensure the effectiveness of dust and equipment in the course of the quality problems encountered. If it is a regular manufacturer in the purchase will also provide some suggestions in the latter will have a better after-sales service.