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Air Filter Blows On The Line? Ruin Your Car In Minutes
Aug 25, 2017

In the engine of this precision machine, can enter the engine only two ways. First, the oil supply system. It is possible to use poor quality fuel or unqualified fuel Po, the sulphide destroys the weak alkaline cleaning dispersant of the lubricating oil, and the incomplete combustion of the organic material destroys the oil. Resulting in black hair sticks. Second, the intake system. Air filter failure, a lot of dust into the cylinder, resulting in deterioration of lubricants.

We start with the structure of the air filter, and now the cars are used dry filter, the filter material mostly paper and / or non-woven hot-press forming cloth, has a very good air permeability and dust adsorption, If the use of compressed air blowing, the strong air flow will lead to the destruction of dust particles, engine.

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