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Common Failure Of Filter Equipment
Aug 25, 2017

The so-called air filter equipment short circuit, is due to improper installation, air filter seal is not strict, with a lot of impurities in the air through the filter filter surface, from the bypass directly into the cylinder. In this case, the air cleaner has failed to purify the engine intake. 

To determine whether the air filter is short-circuit method is: a period of time to observe a filter, if the paper filter surface has been very clean, indicating that the air filter does not work, there is a short circuit phenomenon.

The key to preventing the short circuit of the air cleaner is to ensure that the seal is sealed during installation, that is, to prevent the unfiltered air from entering the cylinder from the bypass. In the installation of air filters need to pay attention to the following:

1) paper filter 2 end face must be pad 1 complete glue seal gasket:

2) If the paper filter and the ends of the metal between the degumming, should be replaced;

3) The airfoil nut of the fixed air cleaner cover should not be tightened too tightly to prevent the casing from deforming. Because the shell is made of thin metal stamping, shell once deformed, will crush the paper filter; 

4) The connection of the air cleaner assembly to the engine intake pipe must be tight and tight to prevent air leakage.