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Daily Maintenance Of Dust Collector
May 14, 2018

Dust bag is an indispensable part of the dust collector, so it can be called the heart of the dust collector. The choice of dust bag is very important. It directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector. Therefore, the protection of the dust bag is very important. The following is a brief introduction of how to protect and protect the dust bag.

1. When a single bag filter protects the work, it is necessary to disconnect the power first, and the operator must carry the key of the operation panel, and also hangs the message “Currently in progress, prohibiting operation”.

2. When dealing with shortcomings on a daily basis, the operator must prevent the clothing from being twisted into the transmission equipment. It must be worn to prevent dust particles from forming or dusting the skin when it enters the ash collection bin or bags in the filter bag room.

3. The positive-pressure glass fiber bag filter for handling high-temperature gas should be used to prevent heat stroke when entering the gas distribution room to suspend the filter bag in the summer.

4. When entering the hazardous and poisonous gas precipitators to repair, to prevent possible hypoxia and harmful gas poisoning events, the system gas can be replaced with air.

5. Whenever overhauling is completed, it is necessary to carefully check if there are any objects or other objects falling into the equipment. Check whether the protective cover equipment can be stable and do not rush to engage.

6. When the equipment of the dust collection system is opened or stopped, it is necessary to suspend contact with other positions and agree to stop driving or parking in front of the opening and parking procedures according to the rules of operation.