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How To Identify The Air Filter Equipment Needs To Be Replaced
Aug 25, 2017

With the increasing environmental pollution in the country, the amount of respirable suspended particles in the air is getting higher and higher. If these suspended particles enter the cylinder of the automobile engine, a large amount of colloidal substances and tiny wearable particles will affect the automobile engine Combustion sufficient, and then into the engine cylinder and piston, causing the piston-related parts of the wear and tear, resulting in reduced engine performance. The role of the car air filter is in the air into the cylinder between the formation of a filter barrier, those suspended particles completely blocked in the cylinder, but also to ensure adequate intake air, so that can guarantee the power of the car engine will not wear The

Not timely replacement of the air filter hazards

If the car is running dirty air filter, the engine will be insufficient intake, so that fuel combustion is not complete, resulting in unstable engine operation, power down, increased fuel consumption occurred. Therefore, the car must keep the air cleaner clean. So, when you find the car weak, the engine sound anti-boring, fuel, it should be timely replacement of air filters.

Air filter replacement cycle

Under normal circumstances, the air filter replacement cycle of 15,000 km replacement time. Automotive air filters often operate in harsh environments for vehicles that should not be replaced by more than 10,000 km.