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The Reason Why The Coalescence Filter Is Too Fast
Aug 25, 2017

In the initial stage, due to the reason of the coalescence filter hole, the pressure difference through the coalescence filter is very slow, and the blocked hole has little effect on the whole pressure loss. But when the plug hole to a certain value, the block is very fast, through the coalescence filter pressure drop is also fast.

The number, size, shape and distribution of the hole of the cartridge filter hole can explain the reason why one filter element is longer than the other filter element.

For a certain thickness and filtration accuracy of the filter, the filter paper than the glass fiber filter hole less. Therefore, the filter paper filter material than the glass filter cartridge filter block faster. And multi-layer glass fiber filter element of the coalescence filter can accommodate more pollutants, when the liquid flow through the filter, the filter layer can filter out the size of the particles, the small filter in the back layer will not be large particles Clogging, the holes in the back coalescent filter media still be able to filter large amounts of small particles in the fluid.