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What Are The Characteristics Of The Industrial Dust Filter Cartridge?
Aug 25, 2017

Second, reliable operation.

1. As far as possible the use of mature advanced technology, or demonstration projects to verify the new technology, new products and new materials, lay a continuous operation, safe operation of the reliability of the foundation.

2. Have the supply and protection base of key spare parts and consumable parts.

3. Preparation of industrial dust collector operating procedures, the establishment of industrial dust removal equipment, the orderly operation of the software security system.

4. Training of professional and technical personnel and post workers, the implementation of post workers card system, scientific organization of industrial dust removal equipment operation, maintenance and management.

Third, the economy is appropriate.

1. To rely on high-tech, simplify the process, optimize the structure, to achieve efficient dust, reduce the weight of the main, effectively reduce equipment costs.

2. The use of advanced technology, science to reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs;

3. Tissue dust purification of deep processing, to the comprehensive utilization to benefit.

4. To improve the efficiency and utilization of dust collector, to the management to be effective.